Welcome to the Allie Bakes website

Here you will find baking recipes, photographs, chronicles, links to events and stories about what is going on in the Los Angeles baking family. This site is born of the desire to share knowledge and gather more friends who love baking and learn from them. 

How this pie obsession thing got started is a question I ask myself nearly every day. I am not really able to put a finger on when it began, but I can tell you that it is not slowing down. I have been baking since I was a teenager. My mom was a very good and adventurous cook for suburban San Fernando Valley in the sixties but I don't remember ever baking with her. Perhaps that is why the baking began–to fill a void in the holiday dinners. Knowing what I know now, I can't imagine things came out the way they were supposed to back then but it never stopped anyone from eating them. I have since learned the value of the oven thermometer. And more recently the scale. These are things a home baker cannot succeed without I now know.

In all honesty, I consider myself a baking student. There are still endless things to learn which is why the obsession continues to grow. I enjoy being a student, and not just of baking. Having won the KCRW Pie Contest helps feed this thirst for knowledge. The friends and teachers I have met through my baking learning experiences are amazingly gifted and treasured deeply. 


A bit more about me

My name is Allison Brooker and I am a third generation Angeleno. I am a self-taught baker. I love baking. I love the quiet mindfulness of the process. I love the smell of something baking in the oven, the aroma growing ever stronger as it gets closer to being done. I love giving baked goods to friends to enjoy and share. Working in my kitchen brings me so much happiness. Even on the hottest days when LA is baking itself, it won't keep me from turning on my oven. 

I live in Beachwood Canyon which sits just underneath the Hollywood Sign. People may be surprised to know how much wildlife surrounds us hear in the heart of Hollywood. A special creature of some kind visits us nearly daily. Coyote yip in the early hours and may be seen at any. Deer wander or sleep behind our house while dozens of species of birds call and visit the feeders. Then there is our most famous resident puma P22

I call our home Camp Glen Green because we live on Glen Green but with all the Hollywood Orchard goings on here, it has really become the hub of neighborhood activity. I love the Camps of the Adirondacks and although our little house is nothing compared to the scale of those dwellings, it does have a special feel about it. Camp Glen Green is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.